What exercises can you do for bunions?

bunion exercises

The force from walking and shoes that produce bunions is substantial and ongoing. The question then, can exercises fix bunions by overcoming that force? The answer is probably ‘no’ unless there is a change in those forces that re producing the bunion in the first place.

That does not mean that exercises should not be done. Even if exercises are not capable of correcting a bunion, the bunion exercises may be very helpful at improving the pain that might be present inside the joint.

The best exercise is probably the one in the image about using a toe straightener belt or something similar that helps pull the toe into a straighter positions. It will not fix that alignment problem of the toe, but it will keep the toe mobile and flexible and help with any symptoms coming from arthritis like problems deep inside the joint. That has to be a good thing.

Bunion Correctors

Bunion correctors are a night splint or brace that are supposed to straighten the big toe when there is a hallux valgus present.

bunion corrector

There is a lot of debate and discussion if they actually work or not. Opinion is divided and the research evidence for them is sparse. One study does show they they do help a small amount in the short term, but no research has looked at them over the long term.

The reason for the divided opinion is that a lot of force from the biomechanics and shoes during the day time goes into producing the valgus position of the toe and how can a splint just worn for the night over come that? Any good done during the night is likely to be undone the next day walking around. Obviously more research is needed to sort this put.

There is some commentary that they are still beneficial to use even if they do not correct the toe by much as they will keep the toe and joint mobile and flexible, which has to be a good thing.